Dr. Kim Cornwell

Kim Cornwell has spent most of her working life in a variety of roles helping kids who are struggling through some aspect of their education. She started as a speech pathologist, taught elementary school, worked as an educational diagnostician, and provided district-wide leadership in intervention and special education. She enjoyed all of her roles but found the assessment and educational planning for individuals who need support to be one of the most satisfying. Kim says, “I enjoy helping someone discover their strengths and how to leverage them. It is important to clearly define the challenges and how to remediate and remove the barriers those challenges create. I like being able to create a plan perfectly suited to individuals. The creative part of me is completely fed by looking at my client’s assessment results, planning their instruction, and finding support.”  

If you are here because you or your child is facing challenges in school or work. Kim understands true support for a client must happen on all levels. She will provide a wealth of helpful information to you. She enjoys collaborating with campus staff or private therapists as well to help move everyone involved through the process. “My goal is to use my talent, training, and experience to facilitate learning,” she explains. “Acquiring the necessary skills for school, home, and business empowers individuals and their families. It makes them more resilient and self-reliant which in turn strengthens our community. This is why I love my job!”