A Guided Tour of Services

Need Some Free Advice?

When you and your child visit Kim’s Learning Solutions, you will find a variety of services, carefully organized, to help you understand how best to assist your child’s individual issues. Here is a guided tour of services.

Your initial telephone consultation is free of charge and Kim will be happy to help you identify your areas of concern. By taking this risk free step Kim can help you formulate a plan to meet your child?s needs.

To further assist you Kim’s Learning Solutions offers educational assessment and instructional services.

Need Help Understanding Your Child’s School?

Sometimes it is difficult to interpret school policies or understand how the state laws governing general and special education specifically affect your child. Kim can explain what it all means and help you make informed decisions to move your child forward.

She can provide:

  • Analysis of school-based and formal individual educational assessments.
  • Supportive representation in the Admission Review or Dismissal (ARD) meeting.
  • Help you communicate with your child’s teachers.
  • Help all parties maintain positive relationships and good communication.

Assessment and Testing Services:

Kim’s Learning Solutions can also meet a variety of assessment and testing needs.  Whether it is for your private understanding or an Independent Educational Evaluation, Kim offers the following:

  • Informal skill-based assessment
  • Formal individual educational assessments
  • Instructional Recommendations
  • Ongoing progress monitoring (Dynamic Assessment)

Sometimes all it takes is a simple intervention to help you find the right way to address your child’s issues at school.

These simple steps include:

  • A letter to the school discussing the child?s skills, abilities, and needed accommodations.
  • Talking to the student about his skills and abilities and asking directly what he thinks are the best ways he can learn. Some children have a hard time thinking about thinking.  There are well-researched strategies to help kids develop this thought process.
  • Meeting with the school staff to clearly define the child?s needs using educational language that schools understand.
  • Empowering parents with the right questions to ask school staff and the answers they should expect based on well-researched practices.

Kim’s services are designed to address both the strengths and needs of the individual or the group, employing flexible strategies and effective instruction. Students learn more and perform better when they possess confidence and are motivated by their own success.

To further assist you Kim’s Learning Solutions offers educational assessment and instructional planning in the following areas:

  • Cognitive Assessment (IQ Testing)
  • Achievement Assessment (All core academic areas)
  • Specific Learning Disabilities
  • Dyslexia
  • Intellectual Disabilities
  • ADHD